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Skeeter Screen Yard Sticks

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Having a party or just want to relax outdoors with your favorite beverage and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature? Well our Skeeter Screen Yard Sticks™ will help deter the one sound you don’t want to hear, the high-pitched whine of a hungry mosquito. Stick it to pesky mosquitoes with our Scents of Nature® essential oil formula and create a “no fly zone” in your private corner of the world! All natural DEET-Free biting insect deterrent incense. Makes a great gift!

  • Deet Free Scent of Nature essential oil formula
  • Each incense stick will last up to 4 hours
  • 15 incense sticks per tube

How To Use:

Simply place a Skeeter Screen Yard Stick  about every 8-10 feet around your designated outdoor area, being mindful of the wind direction. Smolder for up to 4 hours!

Reviews - 5.00
5.00 out of 5
2 Reviews

  1. Pam Bombyk

    These skeeter sticks really work! They smell great and don’t detract from an outdoor experience.

  2. Edward Teale

    Live in South Mississippi- gnat kingdom. These sticks have been the most effective product we have ever bought to ward off gnats on our patio.

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