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Skeeter Screen Patio Egg

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This Patio Egg is an easy, safe and effective way to help deter mosquitoes and other biting insects from your patio and other outdoor living areas; the only mosquito deterrent that is designed to be a decorative accessory.

The Patio Egg comes to you UNSCENTED. You scent the Egg and bring it to life as a MOSQUITO DETERRENT (all materials and clear instructions are included).

The Egg is a strong yet very porous ceramic piece. As you add the scent to the Egg through the opening in the top of the Egg, WONDEROUS THINGS HAPPEN: the fragrance naturally migrates up the inside of the Egg and the pleasant floral scent will hatch within 24 hours, becoming a diffuser.

The entire Egg is saturated with scent through and through… Sitting on its glazed base or hanging in its nest of netting, the Egg radiates fragrance in all directions and natural air currents carry the fragrance over the entire patio area (200-300 sq. ft.)… Your wondrous Patio Egg has become a truly effective and continuous source of mosquito protection 24/7 for many months…

Included with your purchase:

  • Patio Egg (4”x3.5”)
  • Measuring Beaker
  • Macramé Netting
  • 3-Month Supply of All-Natural Essential Oil

About the Patio Egg:

  • Easy to use: no batteries, no flame.
  • Covers 200-300 sq. ft. of patio space
  • Natural air-flow distributes the fragrance 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Can be placed on a patio, or in a garage, workshop, greenhouse or stable
  • Glazed bottom to prevent leaking, so you can place it directly on your surfaces
  • Hang anywhere you want with the macramé netting

Active Ingredients:

Geraniol, Lemongrass Oil

How To Use:

Add 1-2 25ml beakers of Skeeter Screen oil every 2-3 weeks for optimal deterrent diffusion. Pour the oil into the Patio Egg through the hole in the top of the egg. Do not add more than 25 ml. at a time and do not add additional oil more often than every two weeks.

Once filled, place or hang your Patio Egg and enjoy a DEET-free and Mosquito-deterred outdoor experience!

Reviews - 5.00
5.00 out of 5
5 Reviews

  1. YS Baker (verified owner)

    I originally saw/bought the egg, while on a business trip to Port Aransas. I hung it where the parents sit in our gym hoping to keep bugs away cuz we open up the 4 roll up doors. IT WORKS!!! I went on line to see where to order more and have them now at my personal place as well as the gym! The fragrance is a pleasant soft smell, which a lot of times you don’t even notice it. (Not like citronella) The gym is on 5 acres and is a 40×60 metal building with 4 roll up doors. I keep 1 egg hanging at each corner of building and it keeps the pasty bugs away. I have sense also tried the yard granules as well as the yard sticks as a backup for when we have added guest/competitions at gym. I highly recommend these products! You won’t be disappointed, they would even make great gifts as well.

  2. Margaret Luckey (verified owner)

    My husband bought this for a Mother’s Day gift. Since I have this hanging in my back porch that is not screened we have not had a problem. It is a wonderful product. I would recommend this to anyone. I live on a canal and am surrounded by woods so that is saying something.

  3. Brik (verified owner)

    We love this product!! It hangs in our entry way on the front porch and gives off just the right amount of scent-it’s almost refreshing. Has kept the Mosquitos away without chemicals and looks nice too! Will be ordering more for the back porch and Christmas gifts!

  4. Sheila (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I use at the patio doors, no more having a race to see who get’s in the house first me or the (skeeters). They don’t hang out where this stuff is.I’m buying more for my front door now.

  5. Sharon Wilson (verified owner)

    I bought my patio egg last year and it kept the skeeters off my back porch all summer. Today I dug it out, filled it from the same bottle I used all last summer and hung it from my patio umbrella. Bye, bye skeeters! I’m going to buy more and hang them all over my back, and front yard.

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